A Few Words About Us

Obion, Tennessee is located in the southwest corner of Obion County adjoining US Highway 51, which is a major link from Kentucky to Memphis, TN. The town has a population of 1,137 residents. We have 2.0 square miles within our city limits and 26.3 miles of paved streets. Our city has 507 water customers and 464 natural gas customers. In addition, Obion also serves 223 rural water customers. We are within a day’s drive of the major markets. We have the availability of drawing from the surrounding rural areas in this agricultural section of Obion County.


Police & Fire Coverage

Sense of Community


City Services

Our town offers 24-hour police protection, with 3 patrol cars and four full-time state certified officers. We have 24-hour fire protection, with three classes A pumper trucks with an ISO rating of 7. Our fire department is dispatched by 911 with no delay in response time. We have 10 trained and state licensed first responders. The town also has a helipad for the AirVac Medical Helicopter to land for all emergencies deemed necessary The city public works department employs three full time and two part-time men. The town also employs a city recorder, a city clerk, and a part time clerk.


In the early part of the 1900s, Obion was a booming little town. Although there are still many businesses, Obion has now become a quiet, relaxing, and tight knit community. Raising a family or even retirement in this small town will be a great choice. There are often chances for community involvement, church worship, and parks. Obion is the perfect place to begin and live out a full and exceptional small town lifestyle.

Easy Access

We are a rapidly growing area with easy access to Memphis, Nashville, and everything in between!

Parks & Recreation

Obion has three parks (Rosenthal Park, Eddie Huey Park, & Indian Park) plus a ball park. Eddie Huey Park is located next to the community center and Indian Park is located in the center of town, both parks have playground equipment and pavilions to enjoy an outdoor meal or occasion. Indian Park has a .25 mile walking track for an enjoyable day of exercise or just a stroll with the family. The ball park is well maintained and ready for team use or even team practice. 


Obion Community Center is a primary location for many of the towns community activities. The senior citizens meet weekly here as well as the Community Involvement Members. Every first Monday of the month the Town holds a City meeting here as well. The community center is open for rentals to the public as well.  For a small deposit and rental fee, this location makes for an excellent and roomy spot to hold meetings, family reunions, or even birthday parties. Please contact city hall for the rental paperwork and to make payments.


Obion is practically right in the middle of everything you could need. Less than 100 miles from Memphis (a major distribution center for the US) and less than 200 to Nashville, Obion is far enough away from the big metropolis but close enough for a day trip if needed. With surrounding larger cities, such as, Union City, Dyersburg, and even Jackson, whatever the need you will be able to find it. Obion is located just off Highway 51 and the future corridor I-69. In less than an hour you can reach I-40 and I-55.


Because of its location Obion offers only a twenty minute drive south of US 51, high school graduates and adults wanting to further their education can enroll in Dyersburg State Community College at Dyersburg or the Tennessee Technology Center in Newbern. The University of Tennessee at Martin is 40 minutes north (four-lane highway) of our town. 


Just South of Obion, located in the Obion River area, you will find Gooch Wildlife Management Area, a state facility which draws duck hunters from surrounding Counties and States during the hunting season. Fifteen miles to the west of Obion is Reelfoot Lake, renowned for its excellent hunting and fishing, seasonal eagle tours and restaurants


There is an Ethanol Plant east of Obion, Green Plains Renewable Energy. This has become an ethanol-distribution hub for Northwest Tennessee. This is also an extra market for corn growers.